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Month: March, 2013


When I saw that the weekly photo challenge was “lunch” I was super excited about the things I could do with it as I love all things cooking and food! But I am so completely and utterly swamped with uni work that I realised today was the last day and I’m stuck with this! I’m […]


I wasn’t sure how to start blogging about diabetes but I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any…  I was about 8 when I was diagnosed, although unlike most I don’t know the date of my actual “diaversary”. I need to try to find this out at my next clinic. Maybe I could try to use it as an excuse for presents!

This is me and some friends before I got ill. I'm the nurse!

This is me and some friends before I got ill. Ironically I’m the nurse!

I had been ill for months and months. I looked scarily thin and still, to this day, I don’t like looking at photos of myself at that age. My poor mam had been tripping me back and forth to the doctors. It, shockingly, took 3 different doctors and Mam actually asking for a diabetes test before I was diagnosed. I remember in the days leading up to get the test done, she explained to me all about type 1 diabetes (not that any were concerned with type 1/type 2 at that time – very different story now). I think she almost knew, and was trying to soften the blow for me. She must have told me about exercise putting blood sugars down and sweet things putting them up because I can remember turning down juice my dad bought me the day before and cycling frantically in and out my road… trying to cheat the test!

I think this is when I'd started losing a lot of weight but certainly not at my worst.

I think this is when I’d started losing a lot of weight but certainly not at my worst. (on the right)

I can’t actually remember getting the test anymore but what I can remember is when the results came. I was playing at my house with my best friend at the time, Becky. We were supposed to be having a sleepover. Mam came in and said she had “a story to tell me”. I don’t know if it was the way she said it but I just knew. I had diabetes. That’s one of my most vivid childhood memories.
I ran upstairs crying, locked myself in the bathroom and refused to come out. I had to go into hospital that night. I’m not really aware of Becky leaving or me being coaxed from the bathroom!

The next thing I remember is arriving at hospital… I got about 10 injections and drips etc. (no biggie now!) I’m from Shetland, which is a beautiful group of islands North of Scotland – we’re actually closer to Norway than the UK mainland. At the time I think there were only 14 other children there with type 1 diabetes, so the next day I was flown to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. I was really really upset by the idea when I found out but when I got there I had a great time! I was on a children’s ward with playworkers and got to do arts and crafts, play games and stayed up late with the older children to watch the Big Brother final. My mam had already gone to bed then and I remember feeling like a little rebel.

This is Chubby, the teddy I got from Nanny when I was in hospital.  I made him diabetic and injected him for a while too!

This is Chubby, the teddy I got from Nanny when I was in hospital. I made him diabetic and injected him for a while too!

Of course it wasn’t all fun and games. I had to learn all about injecting myself, food, doses, hypos, hypers etc etc. I even had to skip breakfast and run round the hospital to learn what it was like to feel hypo, which is when your blood sugar is too low! I can remember being asked the same sets of questions over and over by lots of different staff, one of which was “are you feeling a lot better now?” The strange thing was, I had become so used to feeling that way I didn’t realise I was ill. I didn’t even know what it was like to feel hungry or thirsty. I kept saying “I felt fine” which annoyed my poor mam I think because I was so frightfully ill but I made it sound like she was exaggerating everything! She told me I used to come home from school crying because I was so tired. I never even thought of how hard it must have been for her at the time. I suppose you don’t at that age. My dad was in hospital too then, something about his back, so she was all alone trying to comfort me and I just thought she was evil for taking me to the doctor in the first place! She has told me since then though that she was actually relieved when I was diagnosed because she thought I was going to die. I can’t even imagine what that must have felt like for her.

So although I was devastated at the time, all I was actually dreading was injecting myself. I now know that doesn’t even come into my top 10 hardest things about diabetes.
Didn’t expect to write this much so I hope I haven’t bored you too much!!

My aim is to blog about a wide variety of things and hopefully get people who wouldn’t normally read about diabetes learning a thing or two! But if that’s you’re here for, here’s a few diabetes blogs I read:


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St Andrews in the Square

I thought I’d start my blog with “what I did yesterday”.  For a treat and a catch up, my best friend, Ross and I, went out for lunch.  I was keen to go somewhere new and we decided on Cafe Source in St Andrews in the Square.


It’s a bit of a hidden gem, in the middle of some kind of “undesirable”/rough areas surrounding it and the only reason I know it’s there is because I viewed a PERFECT flat there last year, which I unfortunately didn’t get.  Maybe next year!


I had grilled chicken with a mixed leaf salad, croutons and shavings of parmesan. It was yummy! And actually a nice healthy salad, unlike most restaurants it wasn’t drenched in creamy salad. You can see the menu here.

Picture of St Andrew’s in the Square, which is also a music venue, stolen from Tried to link it in the picture – think it worked, but I’m still learning all the html malarkey! Apologies for my lack of, and poor quality pictures; I wasn’t planning to make it in to a blog post but since it’s a first attempt you can cut me some slack 🙂

FINALLY – I got a result of 76% for a uni report today. This is the first time I’ve got a 1st class result in 3rd year (4 year course) which is what I’ve been aiming for so I’m pretty chuffed.
Hope I did OK on post #1. x


Hi, and welcome to my third attempt at becoming a “blogger”.  I’ve read blogs for years and have a long list I follow religiously but for some reason, the habit of actually posting regularly on my own blog has always been neglected.  Maybe now that I’ve deactivated Facebook I might turn to blogging more often. Although, if this turns out anything like my last attempts, my posts on here will be sporadic and full of excuses & apologies.  But I hope to post lots of photos, raise awareness & discuss my personal experience living with type 1 diabetes and also just chat about food, days out, whatever I’ve been up to.