St Andrews in the Square

by donnamh92

I thought I’d start my blog with “what I did yesterday”.  For a treat and a catch up, my best friend, Ross and I, went out for lunch.  I was keen to go somewhere new and we decided on Cafe Source in St Andrews in the Square.


It’s a bit of a hidden gem, in the middle of some kind of “undesirable”/rough areas surrounding it and the only reason I know it’s there is because I viewed a PERFECT flat there last year, which I unfortunately didn’t get.  Maybe next year!


I had grilled chicken with a mixed leaf salad, croutons and shavings of parmesan. It was yummy! And actually a nice healthy salad, unlike most restaurants it wasn’t drenched in creamy salad. You can see the menu here.

Picture of St Andrew’s in the Square, which is also a music venue, stolen from Tried to link it in the picture – think it worked, but I’m still learning all the html malarkey! Apologies for my lack of, and poor quality pictures; I wasn’t planning to make it in to a blog post but since it’s a first attempt you can cut me some slack 🙂

FINALLY – I got a result of 76% for a uni report today. This is the first time I’ve got a 1st class result in 3rd year (4 year course) which is what I’ve been aiming for so I’m pretty chuffed.
Hope I did OK on post #1. x