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Month: April, 2013

Kragero, Norway: Part 2

The real reason we got the whole family out to Norway was for little Lukas’ christening. None of our family were christened and we don’t have a religious background but it’s the done thing in Norway apparently and I really enjoyed it.
Annika was wearing Norwegian national dress and looked lovely, don’t you think?Image

The christening was part of a normal church service, which was obviously in Norwegian so I didn’t understand much but they did give us a mention in English! There were lots of children’s songs and Kevin and Annika played a tune on the fiddle and hardanger which they wrote for Lukas.  It was a lovely service.

Afterwards we went back to Annika’s parents’ house for FOOD.


Unfortunately I was too hungry to capture any photos of the amazing buffet but here are the cakes. And my sister’s husband made some Scottish tablet for the Norwegians to try!



This is an unfortunately small panoramic photo taken on my phone of Annika’s parents’ view!  Their house is so beautiful and this is what you see out huge windows (which open out onto a balcony) in their dining area.  Breakfast looking out to this?  Yes please.

Because it was such a nice day me, Fiona and Janice went out for a walk before joining everyone sitting outside as the children played.  We also went up to Kevin and Annika’s house site for a look.





ImageI think these photos are super cute and love how children can get on with each other when they’ve just met and don’t even speak the same language.  (The girl in the middle is Annika’s niece so only speaks Norwegian, while my niece and nephew, Ellie & Lewis only speak English.)  Us adults need to take a leaf out of their books and have less inhibitions when meeting folk!


ImagePerfect way to spend my last night.  Lukas loves bath time!

I’m hoping to get back to Norway in the summer time to see them.  It feels like I’m missing out loads with a nephew in Norway while I’m in Scotland.  But luckily they’re coming to Shetland for 3 weeks in the summer while I’m up too.  Very excited about that!




Kragerø, Norway: Part 1

In the Easter holidays I took a very exciting trip not only to see where my brother and his fiancee live for the first time, but to see my new nephew!!

Both were beautiful, especially Lukas.

We flew to Oslo Torp which is a small airport, roughly an hour and a half away from Oslo. From there to Kragero itself is another hour and a half drive with some beautiful views.


It was late on when we got there so we had some cheese, olives, ham, bread and wine then headed for bed. The next morning we got up and grabbed some breakfast and Sophie did a cheeky spot of colouring in before we got the ferry across to town. Sophie Colouring

The ferry journey is only about 15 minutes long but I got very snap happy! You can also drive around but it takes longer.

Boat View

Apparently in the summer time Kragero is very different, full of tourists and you can hardly see the sea for boats! I’m very keen to go back in the late summer.



How Norwegian are the houses?! I’m such a tourist.

We went for a stroll around town and had a look in the shops before heading for lunch.


I absolutely loved these water bottles. I think I might need to buy myself some for next year’s flat.

Kev&Lukas at lunmch

For lunch I got a delicious chicken pesto salad. Others got chicken wraps, salmon wraps and omelettes. (It seemed to be a very healthy cafe)


Then we headed for the ferry back home but (because my brother got the times wrong) we missed it! It wasn’t really a bad thing though because it gave us a chance to go and buy some wine and explore a little more. The children had great fun feeding the swans and playing in the snow.

Steven, children, swans

Ellie, Lewis, Swans


Sophie playing

Coming soon: Part 2, the christening!

Daily Prompt: Million Dollar Question – Why Do You Blog?

-I deleted Facebook and think blogging is a much more creative, healthy way of social networking.

-I like having it as a sort of ‘diary’ to look back on in years to come.  I had a blog when I was 15/16 and like looking back every now and then 

-As a newbie, I currently just blog for myself but if I do get any followers I’d like to raise awareness of Type 1 diabetes


Arthur’s Seat Picnic

The other week we went for a little picnic at Arthur’s Seat.  I’d never been before (I don’t live in Edinburgh) but needed to get out in the sun somewhere less cityish.   As much as I love Glasgow, I get so claustrophobic in the city.  I miss the sea and the countryside.  I really want to see more of Scotland.  Next stop – Ewan’s granny’s in Oban!



We ate crisps, olives, pineapple, pasta bake and strawberries & had a lovely time (except when I sat in a pile of nettles – ouch).