Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

by donnamh92



This is me trying to be Asian! I decided on Asia for this week’s photo challenge because it’s probably the culture I try to copy most when I’m at home. Or at least when it comes to food. My kitchen is covered in rice vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, fish sauce, sesame oil and so on. I’ve never been to Asia but I am dying to go. A friend from Penang in Malaysia says I should go and see where he’s from and I’d absolutely love to (It was him I took this photo to send to with the caption “How Asian am I?!” Haha I’m such a wannabe!).
The two places I was to go most though are Hanoi and Tokyo. Both of these come from when I was at school. When I was about 15 I was obsessed with Harajuku where all the cool Japanese kids hang out with their crazy styles! I used to stick pictures of them in a scrapbook I had and since then have become fixated on the idea of going to Tokyo. The Hanoi thing came about when I was doing Higher Art & Design. We had to do a design project and make mood board type things to base a piece of jewellery on. Mine was a necklace based on a junk ship. It was when researching these beautiful boats that I came across lots of pictures of Hanoi and my love grew from there.
For now this is all just a pipe dream with a £10 a month deposit going into my “Travel” account! But one day I’ll go…