The Hidden Lane Tearoom, Glasgow

by donnamh92

This post is about… wait for it… my new FAVOURITE cafe in Glasgow. The cutest little tearooms ever hidden down a little lane you’d never normally even notice. Hence the name.


I’ve been training to volunteer with Glasgow Action for Mental Health – a fantastic organisation which I’m loving being a part of so far! Because I live in the city centre and my friend Ross lives in the lovely West End of Glasgow, I usually make him come to me. But as my training is right next door to his flat, I’ve been stomping on his territory. We decided to “go for a coffee” this Thursday and Ross suggested this place.


It does table service which I’m a huge fan of. I think the whole coffee chain thing is a bit impersonal and not very charming. Unlike The Hidden Lane Tearoom. The Hidden Lane Tearoom has charm down to a ‘tea’ (See what I did there?!)
My pictures of Ross are a bit rubbish because of the window behind him but here’s him pondering over their menu of various teas and coffees, including teas I’d never seen before…


This is me being indecisive about how to pose! Do I look at the camera?! Do I look at the menu?!


The cafe is covered in lots of cute little details and decorations.



Ross and I both went for scones, although it was a tough decision with loads of delicious looking cakes. I only realised there was Oreo brownies afterwards or I probably would have gone for them. But the scones did not disappoint! Ross went for a “London Fog” which is Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla. You can also get a Glasgow Fog in Glasgow, not in the tearooms though, which is a similar idea but with coconut I think. I had a chai tea with steamed milk.



I was trying to get a good photo of Ross pouring his tea but he's not very good at it and spilled everywhere.

I was trying to get a good photo of Ross pouring his tea but he’s not very good at it and spilled everywhere.




Don’t these cute cars just fit perfectly in the little lane?




All in all – a lovely day out and a great break from this month’s constant revision.

You can read more about the Hidden Lane Tearoom (which was started by someone who got made redundant twice in one year) here!