The End of my 3rd Year…

by donnamh92

So 5 boxes and a suitcase into my packing, I realised I didn’t have enough room for all my stuff.  How is it possible to gather so much rubbish over the course of a year?! I HATE PACKING.  It’s that time of year again.  I’m gathering all my wordly belongings together to leave Glasgow and head home to Shetland for the summer.  This is always something that makes me feel a mixture of excitement to go home, sadness to leave Glasgow and panic that another year is over.  But this time I’m feeling even more dramatic.  Because this may be the last summer I ever spend at home.  September marks the beginning of the 4th and final year of my undergraduate degree and then who knows what’s in store… I’m not ready for it to be nearing an end.  I love Glasgow.  I love being a student.  I love my long summers back in Shetland.  And I love going back to work in the little shop I have had a part time job at since I was 12.  I don’t want any of it to end.  (If I’m feeling this now, god knows how much of a drama queen I’ll be once 4th year is over)

Reflecting back on third year, it’s been a strange one.  I was telling my mam on the phone how Glasgow hadn’t quite been up to scratch for me this year since all my flatmates are gone.  I’ve been feeling a little bit lonely and sorry for myself.  But looking for photos for this blog post was nice because it made me realise I actually had a great year.


I moved into my new flat in September.  There was 5 of us girls who shared last year.  We first met in halls and I’d now class the girls as some of my best friends.  Two of them did their third year abroad – Padova in Italy & Hong Kong! So the Cate, Anna and I, who were left in Glasgow were moving in together again for the year.  Because of illness and placement in London, the two of them also left Glasgow come 2nd semester which was why I was feeling pretty alone! There was no more spontaneous nights out, duvet days in front of the TV or just general chit chat whilst cooking my tea.  I hated living alone at first. But as time went on it grew on me then my course-mate Judith moved in with me a little while later. I still had my other Glasgow friends as well as Ewan coming through to see me/me visiting him in Edinburgh.  So it wasn’t all bad, just not quite the same.  


I think winter is my favourite season. I absolutely love the sunshine and how happy it makes everyone but there’s something magical about Christmas lights, fireworks, hot drinks on a cold dark night and the number of parties that are thrown.


Between that and the fact my flatmates were around, I think the first semester of 3rd year wins hands down!




My birthday is in winter too so that helps! It was my 20th but soon after Christmas, it became the year of the 21st for our group of friends which has so far been great fun. Not a clue what I’ll do for mine yet.


Another thing I love is the Christmas markets! I manage to spend a small fortune every year at the one in Glasgow at St Enoch Square. I just can’t help it with the mulled wine & cider, the pick n mix, the fake snow and most importantly – olives! Olives get me every time.





While I was home at Christmas, The View came to play at Mareel, our new cinema and music venue in Shetland. I love them and we don’t usually get many famous bands up so it was pretty exciting and a great night.



Auld Lang Syne at New Year. I was ill and on lots of medication so didn’t drink this year but ended up having the best New Year’s Eve I’ve had in a long time.

My beautiful nephew, Lukas was born in January – definitely the highlight of my year.


My brother playing a house gig in Edinburgh in the coolest house I’ve ever been in. If you like folk music then here are the links… Link to the band, Aamos’ page. My brother’s website. Here’s the Twitter page for the house that hosted the gig too, although I believe due to problems with the council they’ve had to find a new venue.

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Love me some pizza.

This is my go to starter when I’m cooking for people now. Makes me look a bit posh when really it’s far from it! I use 2 glass dishes from Gu puddings – one for balsamic vinegar & olive oil and one for olives. The focaccia and the olives are both from Aldi so cheap as chips but tasty and well presented!

As seen in my April posts (Here and here) I had a great time in Norway for my nephew’s christening over our Easter break.

I’m always admiring the views on the train/bus when travelling around Scotland and I aim to see more of it next year. Ewan and I went to Oban last weekend to visit his Gran for her birthday. I hope to share my pictures from that with you soon, although they’re just taken on my phone. It was lovely and the scenery the whole way there was amazing – especially Inveraray and Connel.


Pancakes – yum! My sister has started making pancakes every few weekends as my nieces and nephew loved them so much on Pancake Day. Pretty envious to say the least.


Studying for final exams in both January & May was obviously the worst part of each semester but the January results paid off and hopefully the May ones have too! Fingers crossed.

So all in all, it’s fair to say I’ve had a pretty great year. Now here’s to a great summer too!