Munich, Sep 2013: Part 1

by donnamh92

To end my lovely summer before returning to Glasgow, and to uni, Ewan and I travelled to Munich, Germany for a week.  (excuse the stereotypical plane picture)


P1000037We were lucky enough to have both our flights and accommodation paid for us as a present for Ewan’s 21st from his parents.  This left what little money we had to be spent on food and drink!  Our flight arrived at around 9.30pm so we went out to grab a bite to eat and sample a German beer.  Our hotel was a two minute walk from the main square in Munich, the beautiful Marienplatz.

P1000042 P1000041

We were still playing round with the settings on my brand new camera at this point so I’m a not happy with the quality of some of these but here we are loving pizza.  I love places where you can get pizza by the slice, seems to be an abroad thing!
P1000049 P1000047 P1000057

The next day we went to explore the hotels surroundings and scope out some attractions we wanted to see.  Luckily the sun was shining bright, not like the forecast had told me (I was convinced it was going to rain the whole trip).  It’s such a beautiful city and seemed to have a very laid back atmosphere.

P1000064 P1000066 P1000067 P1000069

The road up from our hotel was covered in designer shops and I tried my hardest to act/look like I could afford them!

P1000070 P1000072 P1000073 P1000074 P1000075 P1000076 P1000077 P1000078 P1000079

We then went for a walk round town and found a lovely German market, not far from our hotel.  It was so warm and sunny that before we headed out for lunch we needed to head back to the hotel and rethink our outfit choices – we were melting!P1000081 P1000080 P1000083 P1000084 P1000085 P1000088 P1000089 P1000092 P1000093 P1000094 P1000095P1000111 P1000116 P1000118 P1000119 P1000120 P1000121

Once we were more suitably dressed for the heat we went to Sausalitos, which is a chain in Germany, maybe other places too.  They do great cocktails and Mexican.  I got nachos and Ewan got chicken fajitas (so adventurous for our first lunch in Deutschland!!).

P1000122 P1000123 P1000124 P1000125 P1000126 P1000127 P1000128 P1000129 P1000130 P1000131 P1000132 P1000133 P1000134 P1000135 P1000136 P1000137 P1000138 P1000139

We then went for some more exploring and to St Peter’s Church which was the most beautiful church I’d ever seen!  

P1000141 P1000142 P1000146 P1000149 P1000154 P1000158


More pictures soon… 🙂