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Month: October, 2013

Final Munich Photos

Over a month since we came back and I’m finally getting round to uploading the last of our photos and what we got up to on our final few days in Munich….

Neuschwanstein was the last in our tour of the royal castles and a magical way to end it.  Unfortunately it started to rain as we got there which was pretty gutting as it was the part of our holiday I was most excited for, but luckily the place was so beautiful that I don’t think it dampened anyone’s spirits too much.

ImageThis was Schloss Hohenschwangau, yet another royal castle, just across from Neuschwanstein.  We didn’t visit this one but the views were beautiful.


Before our tour of Neuschwanstein we visited Jägerhaus for some lunch and despite the name, there were no Jaegerbombs in sight!  It was full of old people and had a little bit of a stuffy/stuck up attitude if I’m honest.  The food was good though and typically German (I had wiener-schnitzel).

Unfortunately Schloss Neuschwanstein itself was very difficult to get a good photo of, unless you went to a bridge which we didn’t get time to go to.  I’m pretty sure all the fairytale postcards you get are either taken from surrounding mountains or helicopters.  I saw it with my eyes though and that’s enough for me – absolutely stunning! Image
I was a Disney princess for the day and got a horse and carriage up to the Disney castle!  The only thing that could have made me feel more like Sleeping Beauty was if I had a ball gown and heels!


When we got up to the castle it was absolutely jam packed with crowds and we had to wait ages for our tour to begin.  The tour itself felt very very rushed and in all honestly, was a tiny bit disappointing.  The castle’s interior was beautiful and intricately decorated but again, we weren’t allowed any photos inside.  It was great to see but it very much had the feel of cram as many people in, get them through as quickly as possible and earn all the money possible!

Not a bad view King Ludwig had for his 172 days living in Neuschwanstein eh?!ImageImageImage

The following day we went back to somewhere we’d seen on our Third Reich tour.  These are parts of a synagogue which Hitler ordered to be demolished as it was an “eyesore”.  We then went to the Jewish Museum which was really really interesting.  They had interview transcripts on the walls that were really hard hitting but also some funny cartoons about Jews in Germany which meant it wasn’t all doom & gloom.


We then went for food at the German market – wurst and beer of course!  We hit happy hour again and we hit it hard.  We then went out to Kultfabrik (without my camera thank the lord) and got drunk on “porno vodkas” (vodka shots accompanied by a packet of sherbet to make it taste slightly less awful!).
The next day we were horrendously hungover, deservedly so.  I forced Ewan to crawl out of our hotel room around 3pm to go for Mexican but he managed one nibble and I didn’t do much better.  We went back to the hotel and died some more then finally made it out for a Chinese at 9pm which was delicious… and we both managed to eat it this time!
The next morning we had to check out but had the whole day to hang around killing time before our flight.  This would have been great except that it was raining so wandering the streets wasn’t my first idea of fun.  We sat in Coffee Fellows (a great German coffee shop chain) for hours and I wrote in my little travel diary while Ewan sat and drank hot chocolate.

When the rain cleared up we went for a final wander round the German market near our hotel and got our favourite thing ever – olives.

It was then time for one last Haagen Dazs (a cone with one scoop salted caramel, one scoop cookies n cream with milk chocolate sauce for me) before our taxi to the airport.  I’m already having holiday withdrawal and we’ve started looking at destinations for our next one!  All in all it was an amazing holiday and Munich is definitely somewhere I’d recommend.  It was already getting busy for Oktoberfest when we left so it would be nice to go back one day to see all the fun of the festival but maybe try staying somewhere in the beautiful Bavarian countryside!



This time last week…

I cannot believe how quickly this week has gone and how little I’ve achieved despite spending the majority of my time on uni work… Fourth year problems I suppose.  The most exciting parts of my week though were going to my favourite cinema GFT with my flatmate, Rosemary to see the cringey but wonderful Sunshine on Leith; going through to Edinburgh to see Ewan; lunch at with Sasha, Louise and Andrea and dinner at with Steven, Fiona and Ewan.

Today has been very boring as far as Sundays go, with the gym and lots of uni work. Last Sunday was much better with a super productive day ending with Sunday dinner with Eilidh and Ross which we all chipped in a cooked at Ross’ flat.









Munich: Part 4

After the Third Reich Tour we went for a walk around the Englischer Garten which was beautiful, especially with the lovely weather.  We were looking for the river surfers on my brother’s recommendation but didn’t really know where we were going!P1000365 P1000368P1000372 P1000374 P1000375 P1000376
The next morning it was an early start for our bus tour to see the royal castles.  Our first stop was Linderhof, the smallest of Ludwig II’s three royal castles built in the 19th century.  The grounds were absolutely beautiful and in my opinion the inside was nicer than the more famous Neuschwanstein.  The guided tour was really good but no pictures were allowed inside.  It was decorated with a lot of gold and intricate details everywhere.P1000385P1000387P1000393 P1000394P1000396 P1000397 P1000398 P1000399 P1000400


We then drove on for a while before a short break in Oberammergau which is famous for its wood carving and painted houses.  It was like a fairy tale town, I loved it!  The shops were full of intricately carved ornaments, clocks, furniture, animals etc but all I bought was a tiny wooden heart!
P1000413 P1000414P1000418 P1000419 P1000420 P1000421P1000425


I am going to try to squeeze Neuschwanstein itself and the last few days into one final post because I feel I’m going on about Munich too much with too many photos! Thank god it was only a week away!

Munich: Part 3

After the toy museum we took a walk to find a meeting point we had to catch a bus tour from in a few days for our trip to Linderhof and Neuschwanstein.  All the buildings are so beautiful that I never really stopped taking photos, much to Ewan’s embarrassment!P1000268 P1000269 P1000270 P1000272 P1000275 P1000282

We then went to this beautiful beer garden which was absolutely huge.  It was covered in lovely paintings and looked very grand.  For lunch we went traditional German and our waitress said she couldn’t speak much English so it gave me another chance to attempt some of my Standard Grade German!  I had wiener-schnitzel which is so fun to say!  We wear constantly surrounded by wasps though because of the flowers on our table which didn’t make for a very pleasant, relaxing meal – I’m such a wuss!P1000287 P1000289 P1000291 P1000292 P1000293

Then it was back to happy hour and some white Russians and fruity cocktails!P1000306 P1000307

For dinner we went to this restaurant which we’d seen the night before and looked really cute (I should really take down the names of these places) but unfortunately it was a huge disappointment.  Service wasn’t great and the food was really overcooked.  What we hadn’t realised was that there was lots of restaurants further down the path where it had looked cute so I wish we’d had a proper look round before choosing rather than just sitting down at the first one.P1000312 P1000315 P1000316 P1000320 P1000321


The next morning we went on a Third Reich & Nazi Party walking tour which was one of my favourite parts of the trip.  We saw the place where Hitler became leader of his party, the square where he did a lot of his public speaking and the Gestapo HQ (which is now a police station).  We learned how Hitler was shot at and his bodyguard took 7 bullets for him (and survived!).  We learned what the three Ludwigs are famous for: Ludwig I – Oktoberfest, Ludwig II – the Disney castle and Ludwig III – letting Hitler join the army!  There was a pathway which had golden cobbles through it and that was because it was the way people who refused to do the Nazi salute walked, even though they were watched and their names were all taken – how brave!P1000335 P1000339

This is the courtyard where Hitler used to paint.  I’m sure lots of you have seen his artwork.  He was very good at painting landscapes but got kicked out of art school because he had “no appreciation for the human form”.  He also used to paint busy places such as Marienplatz but never with a single person included.  Very interesting!P1000341 P1000342 P1000343 P1000344 P1000345 P1000346

This is the beer hall (or Bier Halle) where Hitler became leader of his party.  He used to entice people into his speeches with free beer and it worked!  The hall was huge and is now a restaurant.  They had an exhibition up with history of the hall but never mentioned Hitler or the party once.  Similarly, Hugo Boss, who used to design their uniforms, have no history on their website unlike most fashion designers who have a history to their brand.P1000347 P1000349 P1000351 P1000355 P1000356 P1000357 P1000358 P1000361 P1000363 P1000364It was a great tour, our guide was great and I’d definitely recommend it.


Munich: Part 2

We visited the Ferrari shop where Ewan claimed this car could go “a lot faster than Usain Bolt”… Yes Ewan, most cars can.

Munich absolutely loves a water fountain and this one hits you like sea spray when you walk past which was amazing on this super hot day.  We really wanted to run into it like those little children but we were too embarrassed!



We headed back to our hotel for some happy hour cocktails….


…Then moved on to this restaurant which ended up being my favourite meal of the trip.  A bit poorly timed since it was our first night!  We should have been there for our last night and ended on a high!  I had pesto wholemeal spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts and Ewan had a burger (obviously) which was coloured like a German flag!

After dinner we went for a few drinks and met a lot of drunk people, including some high fiving us on bikes and one shouting “I don’t know where we’re going but it’s awesome!”  We decided that we’d go out later in the week because everyone seemed really fun!


The next morning started with a trip to the toy museum and more lovely weather.  The toy museum was really narrow and tall with spiral staircases and definitely made me want to hunt out all my Barbies and Polly Pockets.  I managed to speak a little bit of German to the woman at the entrance as well which left me feeling pretty chuffed with myself. 🙂



Next post will be more food, more cocktails and more exploring… having to split it into so many post, not because we were there for a long time but because I take far too many photos!!