Munich: Part 2

by donnamh92

We visited the Ferrari shop where Ewan claimed this car could go “a lot faster than Usain Bolt”… Yes Ewan, most cars can.

Munich absolutely loves a water fountain and this one hits you like sea spray when you walk past which was amazing on this super hot day.  We really wanted to run into it like those little children but we were too embarrassed!



We headed back to our hotel for some happy hour cocktails….


…Then moved on to this restaurant which ended up being my favourite meal of the trip.  A bit poorly timed since it was our first night!  We should have been there for our last night and ended on a high!  I had pesto wholemeal spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts and Ewan had a burger (obviously) which was coloured like a German flag!

After dinner we went for a few drinks and met a lot of drunk people, including some high fiving us on bikes and one shouting “I don’t know where we’re going but it’s awesome!”  We decided that we’d go out later in the week because everyone seemed really fun!


The next morning started with a trip to the toy museum and more lovely weather.  The toy museum was really narrow and tall with spiral staircases and definitely made me want to hunt out all my Barbies and Polly Pockets.  I managed to speak a little bit of German to the woman at the entrance as well which left me feeling pretty chuffed with myself. 🙂



Next post will be more food, more cocktails and more exploring… having to split it into so many post, not because we were there for a long time but because I take far too many photos!!