WordPress Daily Prompt

by donnamh92

So the daily prompt today was Love to Love You, link here: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/daily-prompt-love-2/

What do you love most about yourself? And what do you love most about your favourite person? And are the two related?

The thing I love most about myself is definitely my cooking ability – it’s the only compliment I can manage to give myself, probably my only skill!  And my favourite person… has to be my mam.  Her cooking skills are definitely one of my favourite things about her, but at the same time, definitely not my favourite.  My favourite is probably just how thoughtful she is.  Or how much she manages to get done in one day – wish she’d passed that skill on to me.  But as my cooking definitely started at home, in the kitchen with mam, I suppose the two are certainly related….