The Roaring Twenties!

by donnamh92

Another day, another post.  Small procrastination from the fact I don’t understand cell proliferation, cell migration, cell differentiation, synaptogenesis, ocular columns OR synaptic rearrangement (oh god, someone please help – should not have picked that class!!)…

Friday night was Ross’ birthday… well not really, but he’s like the Queen, he has two every year.

This time was a 1920s themed subcrawl. Subcrawls are common in Glasgow and are exactly as they sound – like a pub crawl but down on the subway.


The Glasgow subway is the simplest subway in the world (I think) – one route with an inner circle going in one direction and an outer circle going in the opposite. We skipped the South side (the wrong side of the river) where you can find some pretty dodgy pubs and just went from Kelvinhall to Buchanan Street hitting some lovely pubs en route. We then went to Polo, Glasgow’s best gay club.

It was a lovely night and I absolutely loved being dressed up 20s style. Would quite like to just stay there and not come back to 2014!