51 days until Spain!

by donnamh92

Only 51 days until Ross and I (and potentially a few more friends) go to España!  We’re going to Barcelona and then to Murcia, or more specifically Alhama de Murcia.

We’re visiting two friends, both on the same course, studying languages and on a year abroad as a teaching assistant.



Not sure what we’ll get up to yet but hopefully it will involve churros! It will be a nice little break between dissertation and exams.  The only problem is that I have zero money after booking this trip and Sardinia in June with Ewan.  Oopsie.  I seem to think I have all the freedom in the world now that I’m graduating but I need to remember all this means is that I have no guaranteed income in four months time!  So I’ll have to make sure I save some of March’s student loan for spending money 🙂

Super excited.

Second picture is stolen from Lynn’s blog which you can read here.