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What it feel like to… be hyperglycemic

This post comes on the back of a cake filled afternoon for a friend’s birthday which has now, understandably, led my friends to discuss how sick they feel from all the sugar (those were some big cakes!).  Now they have every right to express their sugar induced nausea and this is no insult to them whatsoever.  But their pancreases have got their backs and they’ll be just fine!

As for us type 1s, when we’re hyper it’s a different matter.  People without diabetes get sugar highs and I think sometimes people think the word hyperglycemia shortened to ‘hyper’ means just that.  Unfortunately it’s a much different matter.  Being hyper brings on a thirst that I genuinely believe no healthy person living in the Western world can understand.  A Saharan desert style thirst.  This happens because your body tries to get you to pee out all the sugar.  Your lips stick together and to your gums and nothing seems to quench that thirst.
High blood sugar can lead to serious nausea and even vomiting.  It also gives you a headache and sometimes blurred vision.  It makes you insanely tired and unable to concentrate.  Not very good for uni work.  Especially if it’s a common occurrence like mine. 
Another symptom I get is heightened senses… Not sure if this is just me and something strange that I experience but the sound of someone typing is enough to make me want to scream…. which relates to yet another symptom – bad temper.  Poor Ewan/mam.  Luckily I think I manage to control my BG induced bad moods around others but definitely take it out on those two, for which I am sorry!  Everyone else makes my blood boil on the inside too though, I don’t discriminate there 😉 
High blood sugar can also lead on to diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), something which I was hospitalised with a couple of years ago and will probably write about in the future.

So those are your short term symptoms, but in the long term it’s much worse.  Long term high blood sugars can lead to retinopathy, blindness, kidney failure, neuropathy, foot and leg amputations (don’t Google diabetic foot if you don’t want to be sick!), heart problems, strokes….

High blood sugar can come about from eating sugary things/carbs without enough insulin to cover it, missing an injection, miscalculating insulin doses, problems with injections sights, illness, stress, hormones etc.


So now, hopefully if you’re not diabetic, you know a bit more about hyperglycemia and if you are I’d love to hear if you have any ‘strange’ symptoms too like the heightened senses or is that really just me??  Now on a brighter note, back to today’s cake date.  It was my friend Toria’s 22nd birthday so Rosemary, Cate, Anna and I went to see the Book Thief at the cinema which I enjoyed but is apparently nothing compared to the book.  We then met Toria for delicious tea and cake at the Butterfly and the Pig’s tea rooms and gave her our gifts.


Yummy – luckily I piled in the insulin before hand! 😉  A lovely day, now back to the dreaded D word!! (dissertation, not diabetes)



January was a weird one.  Overused phrase but a definite roller coaster of a month!  Some very low points but also some very high points.  The highest being the birth of Charlie Jack Henderson, my newest nephew. 🙂 




Other highs included finishing exams…


Which also means shopping, obviously!

And Yo Sushi! & cinema dates


Attempting the whole “January health kick” but soon giving in to chocolate, takeaways and cake…
(My friends are currently discussing their hatred for people posting food pictures… if only they knew!)


And finally just being home…



It’s nice to look back at the good things, when you think it’s been a bad month.  It’s never all bad!  Now to make February even better and also more productive…



New Year’s Resolutions

1.  Read more books

I love reading but since being in 4th year at uni I seem to get to bed after reading/writing/working all day and just want to either flake out, straight to sleep or watch trash on TV that doesn’t involve any brain power!  I miss reading though and think it would help me relax and sleep better so I’m going to try to read at least a book a month.  
That said, it’s the 18th January and I’m only one chapter down.  Going to blame that one on exams!

2.  Take my make up off before bed

I’m getting wrinkles!!  I’m 21 and I’m spotting wrinkles.  I have pretty good skin and don’t tend to get spots or dry skin.  But I’ve decided that this year I’m going to start taking proper care of it, because usually I’m terrible.

3.  Do more things that scare me

“Life begins outside of your comfort zone” and all that.  I’m quite an anxious person about pretty much everything.  Even though my mam claims people would never think that about me.  But I’ve realised that all the best things I’ve done have been scary and looking back they’re never as scary as you thought they’d be.  So I’m going to do more things that scare me this year and hope that it will make me more confident!

4.  Get my HbA1c down (as always!)

I’ve had this resolution every year for as long as I can remember but this year I am going to kick diabetes’ ass.  

WordPress Daily Prompt

So the daily prompt today was Love to Love You, link here:

What do you love most about yourself? And what do you love most about your favourite person? And are the two related?

The thing I love most about myself is definitely my cooking ability – it’s the only compliment I can manage to give myself, probably my only skill!  And my favourite person… has to be my mam.  Her cooking skills are definitely one of my favourite things about her, but at the same time, definitely not my favourite.  My favourite is probably just how thoughtful she is.  Or how much she manages to get done in one day – wish she’d passed that skill on to me.  But as my cooking definitely started at home, in the kitchen with mam, I suppose the two are certainly related….



Munich: Part 2

We visited the Ferrari shop where Ewan claimed this car could go “a lot faster than Usain Bolt”… Yes Ewan, most cars can.

Munich absolutely loves a water fountain and this one hits you like sea spray when you walk past which was amazing on this super hot day.  We really wanted to run into it like those little children but we were too embarrassed!



We headed back to our hotel for some happy hour cocktails….


…Then moved on to this restaurant which ended up being my favourite meal of the trip.  A bit poorly timed since it was our first night!  We should have been there for our last night and ended on a high!  I had pesto wholemeal spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and pine nuts and Ewan had a burger (obviously) which was coloured like a German flag!

After dinner we went for a few drinks and met a lot of drunk people, including some high fiving us on bikes and one shouting “I don’t know where we’re going but it’s awesome!”  We decided that we’d go out later in the week because everyone seemed really fun!


The next morning started with a trip to the toy museum and more lovely weather.  The toy museum was really narrow and tall with spiral staircases and definitely made me want to hunt out all my Barbies and Polly Pockets.  I managed to speak a little bit of German to the woman at the entrance as well which left me feeling pretty chuffed with myself. 🙂



Next post will be more food, more cocktails and more exploring… having to split it into so many post, not because we were there for a long time but because I take far too many photos!!

Tie Dye Night!


A few weekends back me and my friends all went out in tie dye… for absolutely no reason!  Other than fun of course.  Plus we all met up the Tuesday before to do the dying which was a great night in itself.  Here is a mixture of our terrible phone photos as everyone was having far too much fun for cameras!









So beautiful!

Arthur’s Seat Picnic

The other week we went for a little picnic at Arthur’s Seat.  I’d never been before (I don’t live in Edinburgh) but needed to get out in the sun somewhere less cityish.   As much as I love Glasgow, I get so claustrophobic in the city.  I miss the sea and the countryside.  I really want to see more of Scotland.  Next stop – Ewan’s granny’s in Oban!



We ate crisps, olives, pineapple, pasta bake and strawberries & had a lovely time (except when I sat in a pile of nettles – ouch).